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Times and Prices

Canterburys Nursery Ltd offers sessional care with a variety of options for start and end times.

The table below indicates the cost of each session.

Note: There is an extra cost for food – £1.50 for breakfast, £4.40 for lunch and £2.90 for afternoon tea. These are included in the price when booking a full day’s care – 8.00am to 6.00pm.

Session Times and Prices

Other Information

At Canterburys, we seek to strike a balance between flexibility, cost effectiveness and the security of children.  Having set start and finish times allows us to focus on ensuring a safe, welcoming environment at session start times and devote ourselves wholly to the education and care of children between these points.

Please note:

  • Any Government funding for childcare cannot be used to cover the cost of food, so if only doing funded hours, parents are asked to provide payment for their child’s meals or a packed lunch.

  • Picking up late consistently may result in being charged for extra hours and/or a late fee.

  • Payments are to be made in advance and can be made monthly or weekly.

  • Absences must be paid for.  Bank holidays we are closed and therefore are not paid for.

  • We must maintain strict staff to children ratios in every room, which are age dependent, so extra hours can only be granted if we have availablilty.


Government funding is available for every child starting the term after their third birthday.  This is equivalent to 15 hours of care free of charge, excluding any food.  Canterburys will register and track any three year olds that are eligible for this funding.

For some families, there is the possibility of accessing 2 year funding, which works exactly the same as the funding above, but starts a year earlier. 

30 hour funding, for three and four year olds, is designed to support families with two full time working parents.  

More information on funding is available through the Bolton Council website:

Please note:

  • Government funding is 15 hours in term time only.  If attending in school holidays, funding is still available but it equates to less free hours per week but with 11 extra weeks of attendance.

  • Canterburys has no control over who does and who does not qualify for Govenment funding.

  • Funded hours must still fit into Canterburys start and end times.  We cannot allow, for example, a 3.30pm collection as our sessions end at either 3pm or 4pm.

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