Here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

Are the staff qualified to educate and care for my child?

All of our 50+ staff members have or are working towards a recognised childcare qualification. Almost every member of staff has a minimum qualification of an NVQ level 3 or above, with 10+ having an educational or care based degree. In addition to this we have 2 qualified Early Years Teachers and one Qualified Teacher.

In addition to formal qualifications, all of our staff team are inducted and trained by our passionate and experienced owners and then all staff receive regular continual professional development opportunities.

How much will it cost and do you offer free places?

All forms of government funded (free) places are available when your child becomes eligible. We accept children with funded places at 2, 3 and 4 years, including children that are eligible for 30 free hours at 3 and 4 years old.

We have an extremely unique session and pricing structure, aimed at being as parent friendly as possible.

We are open between 7:30am and 6:00pm every day for 49 weeks of the year with the option of a term time only contract. We have a large range of sessions available that hopefully can wrap neatly around you lifestyle so that you are not paying for what you don’t need!

Here is a link to our Prices page below:


Will my child be safe whilst in your care?

At Canterburys we are committed to keeping all children safe and we take lots of precautions to make sure this happens.

Every member of staff or external professional that may have contact with the children is DBS checked to ensure each adult is suitable and safe to be around the children.

Every staff member receives safeguarding training on induction and completes a recognised Safeguarding Level 1 course. The safety of every child that we have contact with is monitored by designated Safeguarding Officers who have a minimum of Safeguarding Level 3 training.

All our sites and each room within each nursery have regularly updated risk assessments and all our buildings are locked and only accessible by a member of staff. We regularly monitor any accidents and incidents to ensure we are making every possible adjustment to ensure the safety of each child.

All health needs are accepted and monitored with appropriate adjustments being made to ensure each child is kept safe.

How do I get a place?

If you would like at place at Canterburys, either now or in the near future then call us or pop in to enquire about availability. We invite any family who are interested in joining us to have a tour of the nursery and to  meet the team.

All that is left to do then is fill out the paper work, arrange some pre start visit dates and to secure a start date. *There are no deposits required, we will save your place with a completed registration form!

How/what do the children learn whilst at nursery?

All learning happens through play, children should not notice any difference between their free play and planned learning!

We use a project method of teaching which is taken from the Reggio Emillia approach to teaching young children and is intended to promote creativity, shared thinking and moves with the children’s interests. This project approach to learning is a very social method of teaching/learning where children and adults work together. Throughout each group project we teach, allow children to practise and offer opportunities for children to consolidate new skills.

To ensure each child is assessed accurately, we use the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), a document that displays developmental and educational milestones that children are expected to achieve from Birth up to the end of their Reception year at Primary School.

For each child, we observe current interests, we then use the EYFS to track the individual child’s progress and find their next steps. We then find fun ways to combine what a child likes to do with their next steps and then incorporate these into our projects.

Can I come and visit one of your nurseries?

Yes! We have an open door policy so that we can be as transparent as possible with all of our families. There is no need to book an appointment, we only ask that if you are coming to visit in a morning that you arrive before 11:00am and if you are coming in an afternoon that you arrive after 1:30pm.

Some parents wish to look around a particular setting as they know which is more convenient and some come and visit all of our settings. We are happy with either way, we have a large management team who will be happy to give you a tour, explain the way in which we work and help to answer any questions you may have.