Tots (1-2 Years)

Exploring & Becoming Mobile


As the babies become mobile and more independent they move to our tots room where expert staff encourage further development in an enabling environment.  There is more space for them to enjoy their increasing mobility and still lots of love and affection to ensure they become confident and secure.

Our baby and tots room work together as an under 2’s unit and often come together to allow the children to explore both environments. Children usually move up from the baby room at around one year old and when they are up on their feet and moving about. However, if your little one is isn’t quite walking yet, sometimes moving them up in to an environment where others are toddling around usually encourages them to give it a go.

As in all of our rooms there is a variety of different areas for the children to explore. There’s a home corner, a book corner, a ball pond and exploration tables.

As the tots work as an under 2’s unit they share an outdoor area with the baby room, this is an enclosed cosy area that allows the children to explore using a variety of their senses.

In Tots your children will be encouraged to

  • Become mobile with more space to explore the exciting provocations around the room
  • Make friends in their small key groups and with other children who share their interests
  • Continue to develop their communication skills with lots of opportunities to talk, sing or shout
  • Begin to explore sounds in the environment to begin their journey around our literacy wheel

Food & Nutrition

At Canterbury’s, we strive to provide the healthiest, most balanced diet for children of all ages – catering for each child’s individual needs and desires. The weekly menus are planned to provide a variety of different foods to help promote growth and health.


We offer extremely reasonable prices for the high level of care we provide. Prices are from just £3.80 per hour for care. We have very flexible hours, to work to your needs.   Full days, including all meals and snacks, are discounted to £44.30.


For more information call us on 01204 846279 or email

Increased Mobility

As the tots become more mobile we encourage them to explore their surroundings which are both fun & stimulating

Gaining Confidence

Once babies start thinking for themselves, we encourage them to become more independent, while being there when they need us


With so many different areas for the tots, they have the space and variety of places to go explore with their friends

Outdoor Area

The outdoor area shared with the baby room allows the tots to get outside in a secure and playful environment