Special Educational Needs Disabilities

Identifying Needs


At Canterbury’s we are very proud of the Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) provision that we provide. Whether a child starts with us and already has an identified need or we ourselves identify it at nursery, we aim to provide as much support as possible to both parents and child.

Individual Support Plan

For any child that we have concerns about we start by putting an I.S.P (Individual Support Plan) in place. This may simply target things such as, basic listening and attention skills or encouraging a child to experiment with basic speech sounds. We keep an open contact with parents and let them know how we feel their child is progressing. If we feel the child needs some additional support and requires a multiagency approach then we will sit down with the parents, have a therapeutic discussion around their child’s development and fill in an Early Help Form. An Early Help Form collates all relevant information about the child’s needs and family situation, by putting all of this information onto one form it ensures that parents don’t have to continuously repeat themselves and allows us to refer to the relevant services.

Professional Child Care

There are a number of professionals that may be involved with any child, which can seem daunting to parents. These professionals are usually involved to help provide expertise and interventions that will help your child develop to their best of their ability. Our SEND Team works extremely hard to build relationships with these professionals to ensure that they are implementing the best possible strategies to support your child in the setting and (when needed) the transition into school.

Our SEND Coordinator

Our SEND Coordinator Sophie, ensures that all staff are trained to identify and support a range of additional needs within the setting. Sophie completes all referrals and ensures that each child accesses all of the services that they need to. Sophie is a qualified SENDCO and Communication Champion and is currently working towards her degree in Speech and Language Therapy. She supports children with a range of different needs and aims to implement as much intervention as possible to give these children the best possible start in life.

Food & Nutrition

At Canterbury’s, we strive to provide the healthiest, most balanced diet for children of all ages – catering for each child’s individual needs and desires. The weekly menus are planned to provide a variety of different foods to help promote growth and health.


We offer extremely reasonable prices for the high level of care we provide. Prices are from just £3.80 per hour for care. We have very flexible hours, to work to your needs.  Full days are discounted to £44.30.


For more information call us on 01204 846279 or email hello@canterburysnurseries.com