Pre-School (3-5 Years)

Grasping Language & Becoming Independent


Pre-school children are given the love and support they need to become experts in all areas of learning, including Music, ICT and Creative Materials.

Our pre-school rooms have an open plan layout with a variety of different areas to encourage exploration and independent learning. Our pre-school rooms offer a huge range of opportunities to help the children develop lots of different skills in order to be ready for the transition in to school.

We encourage the children to be as creative as possible and ensure they always have access to creative materials and resources.

We have a variety of different areas including: a home corner to encourage imaginative play, science and maths areas to help develop skills and knowledge around shapes, numbers, experimentation and problem solving. We have a book corner to build on knowledge around stories and a construction area with lots of loose parts to create imaginative buildings.

In Pre-school we encourage the children to

  • Become independent with a range of activities for them to choose from, lots of free play time and the chance to serve themselves food and drink
  • Become conscious of the need to help the planet
  • Embed British values such as democracy and respect for others
  • Build secure foundations across all areas of learning to be built on at school

Food & Nutrition

At Canterbury’s, we strive to provide the healthiest, most balanced diet for children of all ages – catering for each child’s individual needs and desires. The weekly menus are planned to provide a variety of different foods to help promote growth and health.



We offer extremely reasonable prices for the high level of care we provide. Prices are from just £3.80 per hour for care. We have very flexible hours, to work to your needs.  Full days are discounted to £44.30.


For more information call us on 01204 846279 or email

Increased Mobility

When the babies become toddlers they start to really grasp language and communicate well their friends

Gaining Confidence

Toddlers have an urge to learn and can do so in so many ways in the environment we provide for them


With so many different areas for the tots, they have the space and variety of places to go explore with their friends

Outdoor Area

The outdoor area shared with the baby room allows the tots to get outside in a secure and playful environment