Baby Care (0-1 Years)

Caring For Babies and Their Needs


Babies are loved and nurtured in a stimulating yet homely environment by our well qualified staff.  Those who work with babies have training in this specialised area.  Great emphasis is placed on their happiness and well-being, their rapidly developing communication and their physical skills.

Babies at Canterburys Nurseries are encouraged to

  • Explore their surroundings and interact with other babies
  • Begin a daily routine, giving them habits which help at nursery and at home
  • Nap at the right times

Food & Nutrition

At Canterbury’s, we strive to provide the healthiest, most balanced diet for children of all ages – catering for each child’s individual needs and desires. The weekly menus are planned to provide a variety of different foods to help promote growth and health.



We offer extremely reasonable prices for the high level of care we provide. Prices are from just £4.10 per hour for care. We have very flexible hours, to work to your needs.  Full days, 8.00am to 6.00pm, are reduced to £44.75 including all food.


Canterburys Infant and Toddler Centre


The baby room at Canterburys Infant and Toddler Centre is led by Michelle Goodier, a caring and dedicated room leader with over 10 years of childcare experience in the baby room.

For more information you can call Canterburys Infant and Toddler Centre on 01204 846279 (Ext 2) or email

Canterburys 2


Canterburys 2 baby room


For more information you can call Canterburys 2 on 01204 770366 or email

Love & Care

We care for your child, making sure they are happy, well looked after and nurtured for as they begin to grow

Stimulate & Learn

Babies are cared for in a fun and stimulating environment, allowing them to learn about their surroundings in a safe and loving place