Bolton Healthy Early Years Setting Award (BHEYS)

Bolton Healthy Early Years Setting Award


We have been awarded the Bolton Healthy Early Years Setting Award which means that all of our nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices have been assess and revamped to meet the criteria to achieve this award. Our menus have been assessed and checked by qualified nutritionists to ensure that our little people are getting the very best from our foods at Canterburys.


Children start every day with a yoga session and we do ‘huff and puff’ sessions throughout the day to ensure that the children are getting those little hearts racing.

Healthy Lifestyle

We educate the children on all of our healthy practices to ensure that they have the very best start to a happy healthy life.

Adapting Menu's

We run our menus on a 3 weekly basis and they are changed seasonally. Please take a look at current menus to see what the children have been enjoying.